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Marketing Roundtable Oct 2019 meeting

Storytelling as Strategy

Harnessing the Power of a

Compelling Corporate Story

 When:             Thursday, Oct 3, 2019                                                           Click HERE to register.

7:30-10:00 a.m.


 Where:           Greenpoint Technologies’ new Bothell location                                                                   

11724 NE 195th St., Suite 200; Bothell

Christine Hadley (host):  (425) 971-0153

Rick Bechtel:  (206) 351-8604


Moderator:       Mario Juarez, founder of Story Co.


A good story told well has the power to connect you to the people who matter most to your business and your career. Effective storytelling can command attention, foster learning, and influence beliefs and behavior.

We all recognize a good story when we hear or see one. Yet, many marketers find it challenging to create an authentic story that hits the mark for a specific business purpose, whether to engage customers, find common ground with a contentious stakeholder, lead a team through transformation, or simply reach a personal goal.  A common mistake too many businesses make is to assume that “stories” are just glorified descriptions—well-polished accountings of products, deals, and offerings. Naturally, you want these cornerstones of your company to be known and understood.  But the question is: Does anyone care?


If the answer is “no” or you’re not sure, maybe it’s time for a new kind of story. The trick is to cast the narrative away from your business and/or products, and instead to the people whose lives are touched by what you do. These co-called “transcendent stories” are rooted not so much in the how of your business as in the much more powerful why.  They are concerned with challenges that are meaningful in the lives of your customers. In this light, your offerings are of secondary concern. Yet, when well conceived, a transcendent story can have a – well, transcendent – impact.

Mario Juarez, founder of StoryCo, focuses on helping organizations and individuals achieve better business results through strategic storytelling. His original Storytelling for Impact program has proven successful in helping thousands of business professionals unlock the power of their authentic stories. Before founding his consultancy, Mario was a pioneering communications leader at Microsoft for more than two decades, and previously was a journalist with NPR and other news organizations.

We are excited to have Mario with us in this session to share his insights on strategic business storytelling and lead a discussion on how anyone can build new skills and make an immediate difference.

Discussion questions:

  • Why does storytelling matter in business and professional life? Does it have a place in your marketing operation now?

  • What story or stories do you use to promote your business and/or products?

  • How can stories help drive better business outcomes?  Where and how do businesses typically miss the mark?

  • What is the science behind storytelling?

  • What are the effective techniques for finding and crafting an effective story?



Greenpoint Technologies’ offices are located in Bothell, on the northeast corner of NE 195th and North Creek Pkwy.  From either northbound or southbound I-405, take Exit 24 for NE 195th Street / Beardsley Blvd. and head east on NE 195th.  At the first traffic light after the I-405 interchange (North Creek Pkwy), turn LEFT, and then take the first RIGHT turn into the parking lot.

NOTE:  The 2nd Floor lobby doesn't open until 7:30, but Christine will be there to assist those who arrive earlier. We also can prop open the staircase door, which is helpful and might be easier than the elevator. It is to the left of the elevator.

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