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Marketing Roundtable October 2020 meeting

Market Research Strategies 

for the "New Reality"

Accurate Data Can Help You

Gain the Competitive Edge

 When:             Thursday, Oct 15                                                                     Click HERE to register.

8:00 - 9:30 a.m.


 Where:           Online, via ZOOM

Moderator:       Don Morgan, Founder and Senior Partner

GMA Research - (206) 919-2377

Rick Bechtel: - (206) 351-8604


                             NOTE: This will be a virtual meeting.  Please register using the link above.

                        You will receive the link(s) and instructions closer to the meeting date.


As the marketing landscape has evolved in recent years, the challenges faced and techniques employed in market research have evolved accordingly. The advent of COVID-19 has both altered and exacerbated these changes, including the growth in channel diversity, enhancements in data collection and analysis, the emergence of new research roles, and the sheer growth of big data.  Research has been employed successfully in the context of the pandemic, and could play a significant role in optimizing companies’ competitive positions as we emerge into the “new reality.”

The better grasp you have of the changes in your competitive landscape – changes in customer personas, preferences or habits, in market segments, in competitor positioning and behavior – the better poised you will be to adjust your approach, seize opportunities and optimize your performance. The keys to achieving this are accurate, actionable data, and the know-how to translate it into effective strategies.

For our first meeting of the new season, Don Morgan, founder and senior partner of GMA Research, will lead us in a discussion of current and coming trends in market research, and how you can turn data into information, and information into strategic intelligence. Don will discuss how pandemic restrictions have altered the role of research, and share current examples that exemplify the application of research methods in several sectors of B2C and B2B marketing.

Discussion questions:

  • Considering how your landscape has changed, do you feel that your marcomm operations have been hampered by insufficient, incomplete or inappropriate data? If so, to what degree and in what way(s)?

  • How has your use of market research evolved as a result of C19 and the new reality?  What type(s) of market research do you employ now, and for what applications/purposes? Has it provided the intelligence you were seeking?  How have you put it to use?

  • What other type(s) of market research have you not explored, but which you think could be promising?

  • Do you plan to employ research in the coming weeks or months?  If so, what type(s) and with what objectives in mind?  How do you think research can serve you as you try to come to terms with the "new reality?"