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Marketing Roundtable March 2020 meeting

Strategic Partnerships

Forging New Markets

and Boosting Revenue

 When:             Monday, March 23, 2020                                                       Click HERE to register.

7:30-10:00 a.m.


 Where:           Online

Host:                 Kristen Quillin – (206) 427-1860

Rick Bechtel:  (206) 351-8604


Moderator:        Eileen Fisher

 Dir, Alliance Product Marketing

 VEEAM Software

                             NOTE: Due to Coronavirus concerns, we are making this a virtual meeting.

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All companies, regardless of size, are continually looking for ways to increase revenue, enter new markets and find new types of customers.  Strategic marketing partnerships have proven a highly effective way to accomplish that.  Joining forces with a company that has complementary products/services and a similar customer base enables you to leverage one another's audience, credibility and social presence.

Strategic alliance marketing helps boost brand awareness and scale businesses while fostering mutually beneficial relationships with other leaders in your market. And, customers respond favorably when two companies join forces to create fresh, valuable content that speaks to their needs. In this session, we’ll examine the realm of partnership marketing, and share our own thoughts and experiences.

We are pleased to have as our discussion leader, Eileen Fisher, Director of Alliance Product Marketing for VEEAM Software, a global leader in backup that delivers Cloud Data Management.  Besides strategic alliance marketing, her considerable experience covers the Cloud, digital marketing, marketing automation, social media, product development and launches, and technical services marketing. Prior to VEEAM, she headed up Global Alliance Technology Management for Commvault, served as Director or Marketing for SolidQ, and worked in various roles with Microsoft over a 15-year period, including Director of Business Platform Marketing.

This roundtable discussion is meant to be a conversation, so please come with your questions, issues and examples of successful (or not-so-successful) partnership marketing.

Discussion questions:

  • In your capacity, are you engaged in building strategic business partnerships for your company?  If so, is this strictly the province of Marketing, or do you need to seek input and approval from others, as well?

  • What does your partner program look like? What kind(s) of strategic partnerships do you have?  Have they gone smoothly, or have you encountered bumps in the road?

  • Has it proven worth the time and expenditures to partner with other businesses?  Where have the benefits been most felt?  How have these practices made money for your company?

  • If you haven’t engaged in alliance marketing, what is the main reason? Is it something you’re contemplating?



If you have registered (using the link above), you will receive an email containing links to connect to the meeting, once the date draws near.  If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach host Kristen Quillin or Rick Bechtel via the phone numbers provided above.


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