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Marketing Roundtable June 2020 meeting

Understanding Behavioral Styles

In a Virtual Context

 When:             Thursday, June 18                                                                            Click HERE to register.

8:00-10:00 a.m.


 Where:           Online

Moderator:       George Myers, President

The Effectiveness Institute

Rick Bechtel:  (206) 351-8604


                             NOTE: This will be a virtual meeting.  Please register using the link above.

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Every marketing leader knows there are many skills that are critical to success – creativity, analytical thinking, public speaking, negotiation, etc. Your ability to read the behavior patterns of your team members, other internal constituents, clients/customers, outside resource providers, etc. in order to meet their needs effectively is also vital. How do these various individuals want information delivered? Brief and to the point, or with details and context?  More friendly, or more reserved?

The ability to quickly identify these preferences and adapt your behavior to meet the related needs is a skill that can be learned. Recognizing these behavioral patterns, or Styles, is also critical in understanding your team’s strengths and potential blind spots.

The current pandemic has of course altered the context in which all of this takes place. Reading and responding effectively to others’ behavioral cues is a different challenge in a virtual world, but only different – not more difficult. Behavioral Styles may manifest differently in this context, but the cues are still there, and your ability to read them and respond effectively can be critical to your interactive success.

For our June 18 virtual session, we’ve invited George Myers, President of the Effectiveness Institute to introduce their Behavioral Styles model, the tendencies of each Style and their application to team performance. We’ll discuss the four main Styles, how they tend to interact, and how to recognize the Style being presented to you in the moment so you can respond most effectively. In the process, you’ll complete a brief assessment to identify your own Style and gain some insights into the dynamics affecting your interactions with your team members, colleagues and, most likely, even your family.

Discussion questions:

  • How would you normally characterize your own Behavioral Style? Are you more Directive? Supportive? Influencing? Analytical?  Have you noticed differences in your own style as you’ve adapted to these new circumstances? If so, in what way?

  • Have you noticed differences in the Styles of others you work with?  Have certain people normally on the sidelines suddenly become more overt in the virtual context. Have any dominant types receded?  Has anyone become more difficult to work with?

  • Have you found it more challenging to achieve consensus or gain cooperation?  What do you attribute this to?  Do you find it to be more the case with some than with others?

  • The current circumstances have certainly been stress-inducing. What have you noticed in the way others (or yourself, for that matter) have responded to these stresses?  How might that relate to their individual Styles?  What is the best way to respond?

  • Is there a particular persona that characterizes most of your clients or customers? If so, what Behavioral Style might correspond to that?  Also, given that various touchpoints in the Customer Journey have been affected differently by current circumstances, how might these differences be affecting customer impressions based on their personas?



If you have registered (using the link above), you will receive an email containing links to connect to the meeting, once the date draws near.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Rick Bechtel at or (206) 351-8604.