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Marketing Roundtable June 2021 meeting

Marketing to the New

Multicultural Majority

Connecting Authentically

with a Diverse Audience

 When:             Wednesday, June 16                                                     Click HERE to register.

8:00 - 9:30 a.m.


 Where:           Online, via MS TEAMS

Hosts:              Megan O'Brien - Doosan Gridtech

                          (206) 719-6485

Rick Bechtel: - (206) 351-8604

Moderator:       Ha Na Park, Founder of Presence

                             NOTE: This will be a virtual meeting.  Please register using the link above.

                        You will receive the link(s) and instructions closer to the meeting date.


Consumers are demanding more from companies, especially in the multicultural market. With more vocal and dominant voices, politically and socially, expecting to be heard and responded to, it’s critical for messages to be sensitive to a wide range of cultural nuances beyond buying behaviors. Given the population growth among multicultural audiences, it is more important than ever to be intentional in cultivating authentic relationships with this fast-rising segment, to help future-proof your business.

Multicultural segments represent close to 40% of the U.S population. Yet over half of advertisers spend less than one percent of their budgets to target multicultural audiences. Brands that want to target these ethnicities – and their spending power – need to design messaging that appreciates their values and cultures. Multi-cultural marketing embraces diverse audiences as well as messages that have an authentic appeal. Such strategies target more than just one majority audience, to ensure sustainability.  They embrace, understand, and operate in a multicultural marketplace.

When developing multicultural campaigns, authentic intention must lie behind every act. Marketers should consider the long-term connections they are looking to forge with multicultural audiences. They should seek to understand the cultural nuances that makes each audience unique. For example, rather than merely tran-scribing ads from English to Spanish, marketers should also develop in-culture ads that encompass cultural nuances.

To lead our June meeting on this important topic,  we are pleased to welcome Ha Na Park,  an award-wining marketing and brand guru with a decade of emphasis on multicultural marketing. An early champion for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion practices in the communication field, she has a proven track record leading multicultural marketing campaigns for Fortune 100 clients, nonprofit organizations and government agencies. She routinely experiments with all emerging social communication platforms to collect insights that will inform clients on how to trend with their digital and social campaigns. Now running her own digital creative agency, “Presence,”  Ha Na was recently named  a UW adjunct faculty instructor and the university’s resident expert on multicultural marketing.

Discussion questions:

  • It isn’t hard to see how this could be beneficial in driving more business and attracting deeper brand engagement in the B2C space. But how does it translate to the B2B world?

  • My CEO is insisting that we have “diversity and inclusion” in all our brand statements.  How do I convince her that we need to go  deeper and prove our intentions?  What would that look like?

  • How can you narrow in on targeted multicultural markets when your performance is judged on gaining efficiencies in overall marketing spend?  What kind(s) of metrics will serve you in that endeavor?

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