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Marketing Roundtable Jan. 2022 meeting

Getting Your Story Right

The Power of a Compelling

Corporate Story

 When:             Thursday, Jan. 13                                                                   Click HERE to register.

12:00 - 1:30 p.m.


 Where:           Virtual/online

Moderator:      Tom LaPaze - (206) 604-7349

                          Rick Bechtel: (206) 351-8604

                             NOTE: This will be a virtual meeting.  Please register using the link above.

                        You will receive the link(s) and instructions closer to the meeting date.


A good corporate or brand story has the power to connect you to the people who matter most to your business. Effective storytelling commands attention, fosters learning, and influences beliefs and behavior. Today, younger people’s buying habits (in particular) are driven more than ever by the connection they feel to the company and its values, and storytelling can impact that significantly.

Yet, many marketers find it challenging to create an authentic story that hits the mark for a specific business purpose, whether to engage a customer, find common ground with a contentious stakeholder, lead a team through transformation, or simply reach a personal goal.

(From Tom) – With this in mind, two perhaps strange thoughts:

Thought #1:  What if we changed one small thing in this world, and it had big ramifications?

Thought #2:  What if we held an MER session where we walked away with at least one seriously beneficial

                   action item – one change that might positively affect how people think, feel and interact with

                   our company?

Now that would be something! And that will be our objective in December.

"As any good synergistic marketing professional, I combined these two thoughts into what I hope will be a hands-on session that will enable us each to come away with at least one small change in our company’s storytelling that will positively change our marketing efforts." 

So, for our next Roundtable, we’re going to conduct a “roll-up-your-sleeves” workshop on Storytelling and Value Proposition Creation.  We encourage everyone to bring sleeves to roll up, marketing stories to share, and a festive beverage to imbibe upon while we learn from each other!

Besides a long-time MER member, Tom LaPaze is a former Director of Microsoft’s Worldwide Marketing Excellence center, where he actively instructed in over a dozen countries and indirectly to over 7000 folks in 100 countries globally, including partnering with marketing graduate institutions such as Kellogg School of Business, DePaul University, Catholic University and UW/Foster faculty.  He was also Director of Marketing at Savers and VP of Interactive at DDB Worldwide Advertising, as well as marketing consultant, the head of non-profit marketing at Global Visionaries, and a college instructor.

Discussion questions:

  • Does storytelling play a role (and how prominent a role) in your marketing operation?  If so, what is the nature of that role – e.g. the objectives you’re pursuing?

  • What techniques do you employ for finding and crafting an effective story? Who’s involved?

  • Are there internal barriers to perfecting your story – lack of substantiation, leadership buy-in/ apathy, perspective, timing, etc.?

  • What are some examples of stories you’ve used effectively?  Where have you seen the impact?

  • How can stories help drive better business outcomes?  Where and how do businesses typically miss the mark?

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