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Marketing Roundtable January 2020 meeting

Key Metrics and

Marketing Attribution (2)

Tools and Technologies to Measure Performance

 When:             Thursday, January 23, 2020                                                                     Click HERE to register.

7:30-10:00 a.m.


 Where:           Intentional Futures’ Headquarters                                                                   

1501 E Madison St, Seattle, Suite 500

(206) 607-6977

Rick Bechtel:  (206) 351-8604


Moderators:      Tynan Gable: (425) 770-9029

                          With Paul Roberts & Tyler Middleton

                          Rick Bechtel:  (206) 351-8604


“What gets measured, gets done.”  More importantly, what gets measured, gets believed.  No question, measurement – collecting and analyzing data – is at the heart of marketing attribution.  But that doesn’t speak to whether you’re measuring the right things.  How do you make sure your metrics are tied into both your marketing and corporate growth strategies?  How do you assure that the tools you’re using are delivering the highest ROI, themselves?

We began delving into this vitally important, albeit admittedly complex topic in our November session, led by Savers’ Tom LaPaze. However, we really only scratched the surface in that discussion. Responses to our brief follow-up survey, as well as other comments from members over time, have underscored that this is a growing challenge worthy of further discussion.

Our January, 2020 session will aim to do just that.  Led by Tynan Gable, Paul Roberts, and Tyler Middleton of Intentional Futures, we will carry forward our November discussion, beginning with a recap of key takeaways from that session and then diving deeper with a focused exploration of some of the leading tools being employed by marketers to measure and monitor the output of their efforts. The session will be interactive and participatory, encouraging members to share their own practices and experiences.  Come prepared to tell the others what works for you, the difficulties or challenges you’ve encountered, and the questions to which you’d like answers.

Intentional Futures is a highly regarded consultancy that describes itself as “an innovation studio.”  The firm’s multidisciplinary approach combines traditional business and design strategies to “define complex problems, develop purposeful solutions, and communicate meaningful visions.”  Their clientele has included Premera, Sellen, PayPal, SAP Concur, Fidelity and Microsoft.  Tyler, Paul and Tynan are all employed at the firm – Tyler and Paul as Directors and Tynan as an Associate.

Discussion questions:

  • What have you found to be the best tools and technologies in use today that help measure marketing effectiveness?

  • What are your own key metrics today – the ones you rely on most?  How did you come to choose those particular metrics?

  • How do you go about deciding which metrics to use?  How do you stay attuned to new developments?  What metrics have you investigated or tried, but rejected – and why?

  • What metrics do you most commonly share outside of the Marketing department? With whom, and for what purpose(s)?  Do they work well for you in that context?

  • Are your metrics tied to performance and incentive?  If so, how?



Intentional Futures is located on the 5th Floor of the Bullitt Center, at 1501 E. Madison St. – east of downtown Seattle. At the entrance on Madison Street, please scroll down to find “Intentional Futures – 0018” on the dial pad and call.  The building is a “sustainable green building,” so visitors are asked to walk up to the fifth floor, rather than using an elevator (however should you need to use the elevator, no problem).  If you get lost or are unable to dial up for any reason, please call Tynan at 425-770-9029.

From the North, you have two options:

  a)  From I-5 southbound, exit onto Hwy 520 headed east.  Then take the first exit onto E. Montlake Place.

       Turn RIGHT, and follow Montlake (which becomes 24th Ave E., and then 23rd Ave. E.) to E. Madison St. 

       Turn RIGHT onto E. Madison and follow it maybe 1/2 mile (past 16th Street), and the Bullitt Center will

       be on your LEFT.

  b)  Continue south on I-5, and take the Union Street exit (165B).  Get in the right lane, and immediately turn

       RIGHT onto 7th Ave. (heading north).  Take the first RIGHT onto Pike St.  Follow Pike to Boren St. and turn

       RIGHT onto Boren.  From Boren turn LEFT onto Madison St.  Go about 3/4 of a mile and the Bullitt

       Center will be on your RIGHT, just after 15th Ave.

From the South:  On I-5 northbound, use the right 2 lanes to take exit 164A for Dearborn St toward James St/Madison St.  Keep right, follow signs for Madison St/Convention Pl and merge onto 7th Ave. Turn RIGHT onto Madison.  Follow Madison for not quite a mile (past E. Pike and then 16th Ave.), and the Bullitt Center will be on your RIGHT.

From the East side, again two options:

  a)  If you are closer to Hwy 520, then take that west and exit onto Montlake.  Turn LEFT on Montlake. Follow

       Montlake (which becomes 24th Ave E., and then 23rd Ave. E.) to E. Madison St.  Turn RIGHT onto E.

       Madison and follow it maybe 1/2 mile (past 16th Street), and the Bullitt Center will be on your LEFT.

  b)  If you are closer to I-90, then take that west, and exit onto I-5 (exit 2C).  Keep right, follow the signs for

       Madison St/Convention Pl, and merge onto 7th Ave.  Turn RIGHT onto Madison.  Follow Madison for not

       quite a mile (past E. Pike and then 16th Ave.), and the Bullitt Center will be on your RIGHT.


Intentional Futures’ building does not have designated parking.  The maps below show where street or paid parking is in the area.  Before 7:30 a.m., you can find free two-hour street parking.  Since monitoring does not begin until 8:00 a.m., you will be safe to park there until 10:00.

Street Parking:                                                              Parking lots/garages: