Marketing Roundtable Dec 2020 meeting

Sales and Marketing Alignment

Accelerate Marketing's Contribution to Sales

 When:             Wednesday, December 2                                                                     Click HERE to register.

8:00-10:00 a.m.


 Where:           Online

Moderator:       Pam Didner –

B2B Marketing Consultant | Speaker | Author

(503) 936-4587

Rick Bechtel:  (206) 351-8604


                             NOTE: This will be a virtual meeting.  Please register using the link above.

                        You will receive the link(s) and instructions closer to the meeting date.


Marketing and Sales can often seem at odds, with different goals and priorities. In the past, the differences were manageable because the two disciplines didn’t overlap to a great degree. Now, especially with today’s changing landscape, the boundaries are evolving through technology integration, and Marketing’s role needs to evolve accordingly.

Technology offers unique opportunities for marketers to use various digital marketing elements to support sales. In fact, the difference between winning and losing often hinges on your ability to demonstrate your impact on sales using digital data.

For this to happen, it is imperative for marketing leaders to develop a focus on:

    --  Driving consensus between sales and marketing

    --  Creating joint initiatives through account-based marketing (ABM)

    --  Developing marketing programs that can aid sales negotiations

    --  Crafting messaging and pipeline frameworks that support sales enablement

    --  Building integrated marketing campaigns with sales’ needs in mind

In our December session, highly regarded marketing/sales consultant Pam Didner will share her considerable insights gained from working with multiple marketing leaders in multiple industries, and foster a lively discussion on this essential, timely topic.  Pam is the author of three books:  “Global Content Marketing,” “Effective Sales Enablement,” and “The Modern AI Marketer.”

Discussion questions:

  • Do you feel you have a good understanding of what Sales needs from Marketing?

  • Do you have a climate of smooth communication/collaboration and mutual respect with Sales, or do you struggle with that?  What are some best practices to improve things?

  • How well aligned are Marketing and Sales objectives and strategies in your organization?  Do you undertake marketing planning with sales needs and objectives in mind?  What steps have you taken (or might you take) to achieve alignment?

  • How do you (or can you) leverage your digital marketing channels with sales enablement in mind?  What specific channel strategies would seem to lend themselves best in your environment?

  • Have you pursued account-based marketing (ABM)?  If so, have you involved your sales team in that endeavor?  What steps might you take to start or strengthen such a program?

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