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Marketing Roundtable April 2021 meeting

The Evolving Role

of Public Relations

How to Make the Most

of Your PR Efforts



When:             Wednesday, April 21                                                            Click HERE to register.

12:00-1:30 p.m.


Where:            Online, via Zoom

Host:                 Kirsten Wlaschin – Ivar’s / Kid Valley

                         (206) 423-4445

                         Rick Bechtel:  (206) 351-8604

Moderator:      Jamie Campbell

Managing Director at Kiterocket


                             Note the meeting time - 12:00-1:30 p.m. This will be a virtual meeting.  

                        Please register using the link above.  You will receive the link to join

                        closer to the meeting date.


Public relations has long been a tried-and-true technique to build brand awareness and a favorable reputation with key audiences. From Fortune 500 conglomerates to small, local businesses and everything in between, many have experienced the benefits and sung the praises of this artform. Others still don’t see the value.

With the onset of the digital age, new technologies and platforms, and the changing media and influencer landscape, public relations has seen a drastic change over the last few years. A good PR practitioner should focus on utilizing integrated strategies, outlining measurable metrics and leveraging public relations wins.

So, how does your company experience the benefits of PR? During our April discussion, we’ll touch on what exactly PR is, how it’s changed from back in the day to today, the COVID-19 impact, and how to get the most out of your PR efforts, whether you work with an agency or handle it in-house.

Our discussion facilitator, Jamie Campbell, is Managing Director with Kiterocket, a global PR and creative marketing agency with experience across a diverse set of industries.  Over her 15-year career, Jamie has led award-winning campaigns for a variety of consumer, lifestyle, renewable energy and hospitality clients.  At Kiterocket, she leads day-to-day client activities, specializing in national media relations, creative planning for digital marketing, high-profile events, tastemaker campaigns and social media programs.


Discussion questions:

  • What has been your experience working with a PR agency or handling PR in-house?

  • How has your PR strategy changed during the pandemic?  Have you revised your goals to reflect the “new normal?”  How can you fully bake PR into your marketing plan to maximize ROI?

  • With so many new PR tactics, available, which ones are the best fit for your organization, your industry, your clientele?  

  • What are the top trends for B2B vs. B2C PR? Have you tried integrated communications strategies vs. the traditional PR approach?

  • What are reasonable metrics to measure PR efforts?  What are your top KPIs for PR?  How does your C-Suite assess its value?

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