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Unlock your untapped potential

Established nearly twenty years ago, the Marketing Executive Roundtable has emerged as an indispensable resource for top-tier marketing professionals who

Marketing Executive Roundtable members discuss an issue of comon interest.

have outgrown what traditional marketing associations offer. It is a unique blend of educa-tion, collaboration and peer support tailored to the specific needs of senior marketing executives. 


The Marketing Executive Roundtable is one of two roundtable groups founded in 1998 by executive coach Suzanne Elshult (the other group being devoted to Human Resources). Senior management consultant and former CMO Richard Bechtel will take over as group chair effective September, 2017.

# Active Members

The group currently has over 25 members, some of whom have been involved for many years, often through several changes of employer. The group enjoys great continuity and loyalty from its members.


To qualify, one must be the senior-most marketing executive in his or her organization (or in the Seattle-area region if the company is national or international). Business solicitation among members is not permitted.

Companies Represented

Organizations represented in the Roundtable span a diverse array of industries. A current sampling includes Adobe, BECU, Washington Federal, Data I/O Corp., Quintiles, Microsoft, PACCAR, PEMCO, Clark Nuber, Dell and Forrester Research.


The Roundtable group meets eight times each year from 7:30 – 10:00 a.m. Members rotate hosting the group as well as moderating the discussion for each session. Occasionally, outside experts will be brought in or members will be invited to bring a specific colleague from work (IT professional, CFO or similar, depending on the topic).

Meeting Format

Each meeting is devoted largely to discussion around a selected topic, in which members ask pertinent questions of one another and share experiences and expertise.  The member moderating that session prepares a brief topical description and shortlist of stimulating questions to help guide the discussion.  Topics cover the gamut of internal and external issues faced by top marketing executives.

Other Benefits

Members consider one another valuable resources, and often connect informally between meetings to seek input and advice. A dedicated Yahoo Group also enables members to pose questions or requests on a broader scale, and we also have a LinkedIn group, a blogpost and more.  In addition, twice each year, a social gathering takes place after work involving the members of both the marketing and HR Roundtable groups.

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